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How Can You Be an Eco-Warrior Every day?

A person actively involved in preventing damage to the environment is called an Eco-Warrior and contrary to popular belief, it doesn’t take a lot to be one. Small actions you take everyday can help you have a more conscious and sustainable lifestyle. One of these actions is buying from sustainable brands. To make things easier for you, we’ve listed out some ethical clothing, skincare and shoes brands that you can buy from to be a more conscious consumer.

Clothing & Apparel


Inspired by journeys across the Indian Ocean, their philosophy is simple: they make products that are designed to last, not trend-driven, inspired by natural design and materials, and influenced by the culture they grew up in. They don’t just stop at apparel though, their home décor will make you want to redo your entire house!

No Nasties

No Nasties is a fashion brand that uses vegan, 100% organic cotton to make their wide range of apparel. Everything they produce is entirely made in India in a fair-trade factory and their designs are minimal and fresh.

Reistor Life

Reistor is a fashion forward, thoughtful and sustainable clothing brand that tries to inspire change through its ethical and innovative practices. Their clothes are light and comfortable, perfect for summer

Fine Jewelry

DiAi Designs

DiAi Designs is one of India’s first sustainable fine jewelry brands, specializing in jewelry made from gold and lab-grown diamonds. They aim to be ethical and sustainable right from product to packaging. Their designs are minimal, also making it ideal for the millennial women.

Makeup & Skincare

Disguise Cosmetics

Bogged down by the pressure of the conventional definition of ‘beauty’, they set out on a journey to discover what beauty means to the, in its true, raw, imperfect and fun form. This independence allows them to create honest products for real people

Ruby’s Organics

India’s first range of organic, natural and healthy makeup made in India for the Indian cosnumers, they aim to give their consumers access to a better choice – one that is truthful and trustworthy.

Shoes & Bags

 Paio Shoes

Handcrafted PETA-approved Vegan footwear for the Modern and Conscious Consumer, Paio is and Indian Homegrown brand.

The CAI Store

Shoes that are comfortable, vegan, trendy, conscious and made with all heart. They aim to provide non-leather footwear locally and globally at a pocket-friendly rate.

Home Accessories

 Swaas Life

Swaas Life is a woman centric, 100% ethical brand specializing in premium home and lifestyle products made sustainably. With their wide range of bed, bath and home décor items, they are your one stop shop to decorate your house.

It doesn’t take a lot to live sustainably, just a few conscious choices! With this list, we’ve made it even simpler for you, so now you have no excuses!




The word facet is most often used when referring to gems, to talk about one of its many sides. It could be defined as one side of something many-sided. The word is not usually associated with humans or living beings, so why would we use it to describe a woman? The answer is simple; a woman is a gem. In her daily life, a woman will have to play multiple roles, or portray multiple facets, each done perfectly, giving her the charm, she exudes.

Our campaign aims to portray these multiple facets through different activities that she would do every day, along with her diamonds. We use them together to show that the two are strong enough to endure all that’s thrown their way.

She is Fearless. She is who she wants to be.

She is Unstoppable. She is who she wants to be.

She is Self-Made. She is who she wants to be.

She is a Nurturer – She is who she wants to be.

She is Gracious – She is who she wants to be.

She is Magnetic – She is who she wants to be.

She is A Dreamer – She is who she wants to be.

Some ways you can take care of your Jewelry:

If you wear your jewelry every day, make sure to take them out once in a while and wash them thoroughly with water and soap. Make sure to be gentle but scrub all the dust off to restore its shine. You can also send it to your jewelry shop occasionally to get it deep cleaned

Some ways to take care of Yourself:

Don’t overwork yourself, take some days off when you feel burnt out and treat yourself to a nice hot shower. Nothing like a long shower to wash out all the negativity off your body. Make something you enjoy eating, do that skincare routine that you keep pushing to tomorrow because you’re too tired to do, wear your favorite outfit to go absolutely nowhere, and lastly, buy yourself some diamonds. You deserve them!

The Modern Sustainable Bride

4 Signature Sustainable Diamond Engagement Ring Styles

Wedding trends have evolved as Millennials are coming to the age to get married. Customers now demand a high level of transparency in the ethical practices in every industry and everyday products, why should your wedding day be any different? Trying to find sustainable, budget-friendly rings? We got you covered on our Four Signature Ring Styles that will make you the perfect Eco-Warrior Bride in style!

1. Classic Fine Gold Ring

If you ’re looking for a ring that ’s timeless and elegant, a six-prong solitaire is the perfect setting for you. The fineness of the ring is what gives the premium look, allowing the diamond to be in the spotlight! The ageless beauty of this ring can never go out of style. Its lightweight and hassle-free nature makes it great for everyday wear!
This ring style is ideal for women who like a clean and classic look.

2. Halo Ring

The Halo Ring is the trendiest style of 2021 due to its unique and eye-catching setting style. This ring has the perfect amalgamation of elegant simplicity and a modern look. It is set on our Signature Classic Fine Gold Band to give the dainty yet sturdy feel. The Halo ring is for someone who prefers a slightly bolder and bigger solitaire look.

3. Cube Ring

The Cube Ring has a delicate intricacy with a distinctive geometric style design with
smaller diamonds set on half of the band. Its stunning sophistication makes it the perfect choice for the modern bride or bride-to-be. This ring is for the bride who wants a modern edgy look.

4. Reign Ring

The Reign ring has a royal charm with the center stone elevated like a crown, drawing attention towards the center solitaire with smaller diamonds set on three-quarters of the band. This ring has a graceful aesthetic which is great for everyday and occasion wear. Diamonds from all angles, gives the ring a truly regal look.
This is perfect for a bride looking for a traditional and royal style.

Bonus: The Alpha Men’s Ring

Yes, we didn’t forget about the groom or groom-to-be! Choosing a groom’s ring is a critical part of the wedding and we’ve got him covered with the Alpha Men’s Ring.The center diamond is slightly elevated for an alpha look, to signify power & masculine divinity. The comfortable and fashionable look is great for every groom out there.

Create Your Own Ring

At DiAi Designs, we offer customization options to make the ring truly yours from
engraving your wedding date on your ring to the colors, sizes, and styles. We offer
three size ranges for every ring: Mini, Midi, and Grand. Our new “Create Your Own
Ring” feature on our website helps your design come alive. This fully customizable offer comes at no extra costs.
To find out your ideal ring size, click here to view the size guide.
Book a virtual appointment today to find the special ring for your special day



Lab Grown vs. “Real”

Can Diamonds be  Earth’s Best Friend?  

Today, most natural products have man-made alternatives, but the one question that remains in most of our minds is – is natural better than man made? 

The same goes for lab-grown diamonds. We know that they are created by man  as opposed to being mined from the Earth, but what does this mean for the  environment? 

We’ve all seen, or at least heard about Leonardo DiCaprio’s Blood Diamond at  some point or the other. The film did a great job at exposing the realities of the  mined diamond industry, but the atrocities don’t stop at land degradation, child  labour and armed military conflict. 

Lab-Grown Diamonds vs Natural Diamonds

Lab-Grown Diamonds & Natural Diamonds have the same chemical, physical, and optic composition.

How are Natural Diamonds Procured?

There are several methods of mining that can be used to extract diamonds from  the Earth, each of which requires heavy machinery, lots of energy and water.  These techniques often cause massive destruction to the ecosystem and habitat  and kill lots of flora and fauna. Mining practices are deemed unethical not only  because of their impacts on the environment but also because the conditions that  the workers face can have adverse effects on their health. 

So what then? Do we Give Up the Bling?

Absolutely not! As with most things, mankind has found a way to create the Eco-Friendly Girl’s Best Friend.  

Lab-Grown Diamonds are identical to mined diamonds in appearance and  chemical composition and have a tiny fraction of the impact that mined diamonds  have on the environment

How are Lab-Grown Diamonds made?

Like natural diamonds, even in lab-grown diamonds, it is the conditions that  cause the carbon atoms to change their chemical bonds, which in turn changes  their structure and composition to that of a diamond.  

Owing to this, it is nearly impossible to tell the difference between a mined  diamond and a lab grown diamond with the naked eye. There are few  microscopes that can find the difference, but they are very technologically  advanced and not feasible for all. 

Why are Lab-Grown Diamonds more  sustainable? 

Although lab grown diamonds require the same resources for polishing, cutting  and inspection, they do not need to be extracted from the Earth, hence saving  lots of energy, water and land.  

Water Usage  

The amount of water used is one of the biggest differentiating factors. While  mined diamonds use up 126 gallons of water per carat of diamond, their lab  grown counterparts use up only 18 gallons.  

The process of underground mining contaminates ground and surface water while  open-pit mining can severely damage the water table of the area.  

Energy Usage 

Lab grown diamonds use 250 million joules of energy per carat whereas mined  diamonds use 538.5 million joules, more than double. Also, if done in a  sustainable lab, the energy used in lab grown diamonds is renewable energy,  causing less damage to our depleting resources.  

Carbon Emissions  

A mined diamond produces 125 pounds of carbon for every carat, while a lab  grown diamond produces a mere 6 pounds. Additionally, lab grown diamonds  produce no sulphur dioxide whereas mined diamonds produce more than 30  pounds.  

Frost & Sullivan’s study reported that in terms of overall emissions, the growth  process involves little or no emissions of significance.  

Land Disruption and Waste Management 

Nearly 100 square feet of land is disrupted and around 5,798 pounds of waste is  generated for every carat of a diamond produced through traditional mining  techniques. In comparison, lab grown diamonds use only 0.07 square feet of land  per carat and generate only 1 pound of mineral waste.  

Moreover, mining disturbs entire habitats and ecosystems, causing a loss in flora  and fauna and leaves the land unusable, even after the mining activities have  stopped.  

Human Impact 

The term “Blood Diamond” was coined for a reason. Diamond mining subjects the  workers to extremely unsafe working conditions and the industry is known for its  human rights violations, child labour and exploitation of the workers. Miners live  in the fear of explosions and collapse and are subjected to very high levels of  mercury and other elements that can cause their health long term damage. A  study has shown that those who worked in mines in South Africa have a 20%  higher mortality rate than the general population. 

Lab-grown diamonds result in 0 injuries whereas mined diamonds result in 1  injury per 1,000 workers annually.

Is there a thing as sustainable mined  diamonds? 

Although efforts have been made and rules put into place to make mining more  sustainable, more often than not they are not followed. For example, after  diamond companies are done with a pit that has been created, they are asked to  rehabilitate the land. That essentially means they create a soil ‘profile’ and  introduce plants and animals back to the habitat, in hopes of rekindling the  ecosystem. However, most of these mines stay abandoned with no efforts to  rehab seen. Many diamond companies claim to have eco-friendly mines, but even with the  most precautions taken, mining in itself is unsustainable as it requires the  extraction of non-renewable natural resources, not to mention the environmental  impact.  

In conclusion, natural diamonds may have sentimental value due to their status,  but having a guilt-free gem with you, that is truly forever, is a feeling unmatched.  Conscious Consumers are making the switch to these ethical, sustainable and  affordable diamonds and in doing so, are taking their little step forward for the  environment. 



Celebrities Flaunting Their Lab-Grown Diamonds

What are lab-grown diamonds?

Lab-grown diamonds are diamonds that have been created in a lab instead of being mined from the earth. They are chemically, physically, and optically identical to a mined diamond. However, they have much lesser impacts on people and the environment and hence are more sustainable and eco-friendly. They make for the perfect jewellery for the Conscious Customer. 

Today, many people are making the switch to lab-grown diamonds because of their benefits and also because of their price point. Renowned celebrities have not been left behind on this trend; here are some of the celebrities that have been spotted sporting some beautiful lab-grown pieces.

Meghan Markle

The duchess of Sussex and former actress has been famous for her progressive thinking and ways. Hence, it came as no surprise when she was spotted in a pair of earrings created with lab-grown diamonds at an event in London in January 2019. The earrings were crafted by Kimai, a Dutch jewellery brand that specializes in lab-grown jewellery.

Bindi Irwin

Daughter of the late crocodile hunter Steve Irwin, Bindi stayed true to her environmentalist roots when she got engaged to her boyfriend Chandler Powell in 2019 with a lab-grown engagement ring. She also went on to post the details of her ring on Instagram and mentioned how happy she was that her boyfriend chose a ring that “captures her essence” so well.

Lady Gaga 


The American singer, songwriter and actress known for her striking voice and amazing performance in A Star Is Born  has always tried to give back to the community with her philanthropic acts. In 2018, at the premiere of A Star Is Born she accessorized her gorgeous outfit with some Anabela Chan earrings donned with lab-grown diamonds. 

Emma Watson

English actress, model and activist known for her role in the Harry Potter series and more recently, her outspoken activism on ongoing issues in the world made a statement with her jewellery at the 2018 Academy Awards. All of her jewellery was ethically sources, featuring lab-grown diamonds, recycled gold and a recycled sapphire from designers Vrai & Oro, Ana Katarina and Ana Khour. 

Swara Bhaskar 


Swara Bhaskar, an Indian actress, best known for her lead roles in many independent films is a three time Filmfare award nominee. She was seen at a launch party in September 2018 sporting an ear cuff, earrings and rings embedded with lab-grown diamonds by DiAi Designs, an Indian jewellery brand specializing in lab-grown diamonds. 

To read more on lab-grown diamonds and whether they’re for you, check out the following links:

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