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The word facet is most often used when referring to gems, to talk about one of its many sides. It could be defined as one side of something many-sided. The word is not usually associated with humans or living beings, so why would we use it to describe a woman? The answer is simple; a woman is a gem. In her daily life, a woman will have to play multiple roles, or portray multiple facets, each done perfectly, giving her the charm, she exudes.

Our campaign aims to portray these multiple facets through different activities that she would do every day, along with her diamonds. We use them together to show that the two are strong enough to endure all that’s thrown their way.

She is Fearless. She is who she wants to be.

She is Unstoppable. She is who she wants to be.

She is Self-Made. She is who she wants to be.

She is a Nurturer – She is who she wants to be.

She is Gracious – She is who she wants to be.

She is Magnetic – She is who she wants to be.

She is A Dreamer – She is who she wants to be.

Some ways you can take care of your Jewelry:

If you wear your jewelry every day, make sure to take them out once in a while and wash them thoroughly with water and soap. Make sure to be gentle but scrub all the dust off to restore its shine. You can also send it to your jewelry shop occasionally to get it deep cleaned

Some ways to take care of Yourself:

Don’t overwork yourself, take some days off when you feel burnt out and treat yourself to a nice hot shower. Nothing like a long shower to wash out all the negativity off your body. Make something you enjoy eating, do that skincare routine that you keep pushing to tomorrow because you’re too tired to do, wear your favorite outfit to go absolutely nowhere, and lastly, buy yourself some diamonds. You deserve them!

6 Jewelry Trends that are here to stay!


Falling into a jewelry rut is easy. But we’re here to give your jewelry box a shake-up.

While it’s a known fact that the jewelry industry is prevalently ever-evolving in its styles and silhouettes, chasing every revolution in the jewelry industry isn’t on everybody’s agenda. Worry not! We’ve collated 6 stand-outs for your jewelry trends that are here to stay!

The art of Layering

A layering of architectural, minimalistic chains is a trend we’ve seen disrupting the entire necklace game. Playing with different textures and matching different styles, ups the ante of individual pieces and makes them really stand out.

The coup of the Hoop

The hoop silhouette has shown no signs of slowing down over the decades; this seasonal style has evolved in a myriad of ways. The standard shape has been re-imagined through enameling and diamond rims, which breathes new life into classic forms. The Signature Dash Diamond Hoops are super light and stylish rimmed with just the right amount of diamonds, whilst the DiAi Enameled Hoops play up the drama adding subtle shadows with the classic black enamel.

The Stack & the Pinky

A new addition to the classic ring stack is the pinky ring- which has had a history of being associated with rappers and mobsters. More recently, they’re spotted on the who’s who of fashion and entertainment. Stacking multiple rings, including the pinky ring needs to be done tastefully, by pairing the right shapes and colours. Finding the right balance in stacking and layering to create signature looks to fit individual personalities is key.

Practicality & Versatility

Multifunctional jewelry that multitasks for you is all the rage. This new style in fine jewelry provides more bang for your buck. The DiAi dangler earrings are one such example. They come in various shapes with 2 forms- as a stud for daytime, and a long extension to add elegance at dinner.

Architecture in Jewelry

Geometric shapes play well from day to night and are striking in their contemporary style. These pieces are ideal for those who prefer an edge and a story to tell when it comes to accessorizing.

The Celestial Path

It’s all about designs that mimic celestial objects like stars and create magic with your jewelry! Heavenly bodies lend inspiration in beautiful abstract designs and a way to intimately style your outfits with sparkling daintiness. Sublime designs like our Stardust and Galaxy necklace are perfect to add just the right amount of magic to your look!

Rock these trends and shine on, DiAi babes!

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