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The Modern Sustainable Bride

4 Signature Sustainable Diamond Engagement Ring Styles

Wedding trends have evolved as Millennials are coming to the age to get married. Customers now demand a high level of transparency in the ethical practices in every industry and everyday products, why should your wedding day be any different? Trying to find sustainable, budget-friendly rings? We got you covered on our Four Signature Ring Styles that will make you the perfect Eco-Warrior Bride in style!

1. Classic Fine Gold Ring

If you ’re looking for a ring that ’s timeless and elegant, a six-prong solitaire is the perfect setting for you. The fineness of the ring is what gives the premium look, allowing the diamond to be in the spotlight! The ageless beauty of this ring can never go out of style. Its lightweight and hassle-free nature makes it great for everyday wear!
This ring style is ideal for women who like a clean and classic look.

2. Halo Ring

The Halo Ring is the trendiest style of 2021 due to its unique and eye-catching setting style. This ring has the perfect amalgamation of elegant simplicity and a modern look. It is set on our Signature Classic Fine Gold Band to give the dainty yet sturdy feel. The Halo ring is for someone who prefers a slightly bolder and bigger solitaire look.

3. Cube Ring

The Cube Ring has a delicate intricacy with a distinctive geometric style design with
smaller diamonds set on half of the band. Its stunning sophistication makes it the perfect choice for the modern bride or bride-to-be. This ring is for the bride who wants a modern edgy look.

4. Reign Ring

The Reign ring has a royal charm with the center stone elevated like a crown, drawing attention towards the center solitaire with smaller diamonds set on three-quarters of the band. This ring has a graceful aesthetic which is great for everyday and occasion wear. Diamonds from all angles, gives the ring a truly regal look.
This is perfect for a bride looking for a traditional and royal style.

Bonus: The Alpha Men’s Ring

Yes, we didn’t forget about the groom or groom-to-be! Choosing a groom’s ring is a critical part of the wedding and we’ve got him covered with the Alpha Men’s Ring.The center diamond is slightly elevated for an alpha look, to signify power & masculine divinity. The comfortable and fashionable look is great for every groom out there.

Create Your Own Ring

At DiAi Designs, we offer customization options to make the ring truly yours from
engraving your wedding date on your ring to the colors, sizes, and styles. We offer
three size ranges for every ring: Mini, Midi, and Grand. Our new “Create Your Own
Ring” feature on our website helps your design come alive. This fully customizable offer comes at no extra costs.
To find out your ideal ring size, click here to view the size guide.
Book a virtual appointment today to find the special ring for your special day



Celebrities Flaunting Their Lab-Grown Diamonds

What are lab-grown diamonds?

Lab-grown diamonds are diamonds that have been created in a lab instead of being mined from the earth. They are chemically, physically, and optically identical to a mined diamond. However, they have much lesser impacts on people and the environment and hence are more sustainable and eco-friendly. They make for the perfect jewellery for the Conscious Customer. 

Today, many people are making the switch to lab-grown diamonds because of their benefits and also because of their price point. Renowned celebrities have not been left behind on this trend; here are some of the celebrities that have been spotted sporting some beautiful lab-grown pieces.

Meghan Markle

The duchess of Sussex and former actress has been famous for her progressive thinking and ways. Hence, it came as no surprise when she was spotted in a pair of earrings created with lab-grown diamonds at an event in London in January 2019. The earrings were crafted by Kimai, a Dutch jewellery brand that specializes in lab-grown jewellery.

Bindi Irwin

Daughter of the late crocodile hunter Steve Irwin, Bindi stayed true to her environmentalist roots when she got engaged to her boyfriend Chandler Powell in 2019 with a lab-grown engagement ring. She also went on to post the details of her ring on Instagram and mentioned how happy she was that her boyfriend chose a ring that “captures her essence” so well.

Lady Gaga 


The American singer, songwriter and actress known for her striking voice and amazing performance in A Star Is Born  has always tried to give back to the community with her philanthropic acts. In 2018, at the premiere of A Star Is Born she accessorized her gorgeous outfit with some Anabela Chan earrings donned with lab-grown diamonds. 

Emma Watson

English actress, model and activist known for her role in the Harry Potter series and more recently, her outspoken activism on ongoing issues in the world made a statement with her jewellery at the 2018 Academy Awards. All of her jewellery was ethically sources, featuring lab-grown diamonds, recycled gold and a recycled sapphire from designers Vrai & Oro, Ana Katarina and Ana Khour. 

Swara Bhaskar 


Swara Bhaskar, an Indian actress, best known for her lead roles in many independent films is a three time Filmfare award nominee. She was seen at a launch party in September 2018 sporting an ear cuff, earrings and rings embedded with lab-grown diamonds by DiAi Designs, an Indian jewellery brand specializing in lab-grown diamonds. 

To read more on lab-grown diamonds and whether they’re for you, check out the following links:



How to look like a Boss Lady

Top 5 Workwear Essentials in 2021

How to dress like a modern woman at work, in order to convey your boss babe vibe, without having to spend too much time and effort? Struggling to find what’s worth investing into and what isn’t? The answer lies in just 5 essential items to spruce up your everyday outfit and fill you with confidence. Only because, when you look your best, you do your best!

1. The Crisp White Shirt

The classic white shirt is the easiest way to downright dress up for those work
zoom calls and long team meetings. To make it extra comfortable opt for a cotton
shirt, it also helps avoid the dry cleaners! The shirt can also double down as a
beach cover up.


2. The Subtle Statement Earrings

Statement Earrings that are low-key for everyday use but also appropriate for a
girls night out are a must have in your wardrobe. DiAi Designs jewelry is so
durable and functional that you won’t have to worry taking it off for bed or even in
the shower! Yes, that’s right no nasty stains or dullness even when you wear it in
the shower. And they’re perfect to look chic in those zoom calls.


3. The Power Blazer

You can opt for a soft silhouette or a structured blazer with padded shoulders.
Either ways the blazer will add an added layer of confidence and instantly
elevates your professionalism! Wear the C-suite colors to really make a
statement- black, grey, and navy and pair it with custom stone jewelry for a pop
of colour. Nevertheless, to make it look more business casual you can pair it with
jeans or a plain white tee.


4. The Tasteful Necklace

Less is more! Style that boss lady outfit with a necklace to bring in that flair
without overwhelming your neckline. Take the sustainable route with lab-grown
diamonds for a more budget friendly option to make a statement.

5. The Socially Responsible Mask

Who says being socially responsible has to ruin your outfit or cause maskne –
acne breakouts from wearing a mask. Silk masks are trendy and luxe but also
shown to be an effective mask while preventing facial irritation. And no 2021
essentials list can be complete without a face mask, or five.

Mix-up things once in a while, styling is always fun! We use style boards to help
us create the quintessential look everyday. Tune into our stories on Instagram to
see which style board inspires you or better yet share your style boards with us
via email or tag us on social media. Let’s see how you use the five essentials to
create the perfect Boss Lady look for 2021.

Nikita Madhani’s Must-Have Mantras


Nikita Madhani is a fashion blogger, with great style and passion for new trends. She has a large following of young girls and women who are inspired by her evolving sense of fashion and style.

We did a short interview with her of her Must-Have Mantras!

  • What is that one piece of jewellery which you do not leave your house without?

My Cartier bracelets. They are my life.


  • A must-have in your suitcase, while travelling?

A lot of things actually but since we are talking about jewellery and accessories here, a bracelet and a couple of rings.


  • Do you believe accessorizing is an essential part of styling in your form of work?

Yes accessorizing is way too important in putting together an outfit as it can instantly uplift the look and at times statement accessories can also change the tone of your look.


  • One advice to young girls, when they are buying their ‘everyday jewellery’.

A few investment pieces go a long way.

  • What goes through your mind, when collaborating with a jewellery or fashion brand?

How well does the brand and its designs connect with me, my style and my personality.


  • A beauty regime, you swear-by?

Sunscreen, before stepping out and a night care serum and yes drinking lots of water.


  • Which type of jewellery pieces do you swear-by? (Stud earrings, statement rings, etc.)

Statement rings

  • Two of your favourite pieces from our collection? (You can see all our designs on our website:

Those delicate and dainty necklaces, which can be layered so effortlessly and also the pair of earrings that I am wearing.


  • Any comments about our brand or designs?

That they are proudly made in India and their Ethical and Eco-friendly approach in jewellery  making . Being thoughtful towards our planet is the need of the hour.

6 Jewelry Trends that are here to stay!


Falling into a jewelry rut is easy. But we’re here to give your jewelry box a shake-up.

While it’s a known fact that the jewelry industry is prevalently ever-evolving in its styles and silhouettes, chasing every revolution in the jewelry industry isn’t on everybody’s agenda. Worry not! We’ve collated 6 stand-outs for your jewelry trends that are here to stay!

The art of Layering

A layering of architectural, minimalistic chains is a trend we’ve seen disrupting the entire necklace game. Playing with different textures and matching different styles, ups the ante of individual pieces and makes them really stand out.

The coup of the Hoop

The hoop silhouette has shown no signs of slowing down over the decades; this seasonal style has evolved in a myriad of ways. The standard shape has been re-imagined through enameling and diamond rims, which breathes new life into classic forms. The Signature Dash Diamond Hoops are super light and stylish rimmed with just the right amount of diamonds, whilst the DiAi Enameled Hoops play up the drama adding subtle shadows with the classic black enamel.

The Stack & the Pinky

A new addition to the classic ring stack is the pinky ring- which has had a history of being associated with rappers and mobsters. More recently, they’re spotted on the who’s who of fashion and entertainment. Stacking multiple rings, including the pinky ring needs to be done tastefully, by pairing the right shapes and colours. Finding the right balance in stacking and layering to create signature looks to fit individual personalities is key.

Practicality & Versatility

Multifunctional jewelry that multitasks for you is all the rage. This new style in fine jewelry provides more bang for your buck. The DiAi dangler earrings are one such example. They come in various shapes with 2 forms- as a stud for daytime, and a long extension to add elegance at dinner.

Architecture in Jewelry

Geometric shapes play well from day to night and are striking in their contemporary style. These pieces are ideal for those who prefer an edge and a story to tell when it comes to accessorizing.

The Celestial Path

It’s all about designs that mimic celestial objects like stars and create magic with your jewelry! Heavenly bodies lend inspiration in beautiful abstract designs and a way to intimately style your outfits with sparkling daintiness. Sublime designs like our Stardust and Galaxy necklace are perfect to add just the right amount of magic to your look!

Rock these trends and shine on, DiAi babes!

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