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Four pieces of jewelry that go with everything


We all love a good investment that gives us returns over a long period of time.  Understated jewelry, that you can put on and not bother to take off is one such investment. A simple necklace or ring can become part of your daily uniform that complements every outfit yet adds that ‘extra-oomph’!


A Tennis Bracelet

A sleek tennis bracelet is the kind of accessory that can work with any hairstyle or sleeve length that you may choose to wear. The Femine Leger Bracelet with its deceivingly simple construction is an easy-to-wear addition to your attire.


A Cuff Bracelet

If you prefer a bold bracelet with a little more weight and sturdiness, you may consider the Dash Diamond Bracelet. This timeless form of a bracelet with its clean line of seamless gold is the definition of downtown chic. It can be paired with your staple watch or by itself for an elegant statement.


A delicate Charm Necklace

If you are on the lookout for a neck piece that would work with just about anything from a simple tee to your weekend LBD, give the Stardust or Galaxy Necklace a go. These pieces are easily layer-able and their barely there, yet sturdy chain provide that hint of everyday luxury with floating diamonds! The DiAi charm necklaces in four variants, two chain lengths and three different gold colours are made in an objectively fine manner and will have you ready-to-go with all-day comfort!



Threader Earrings

To simplify your jewelry rotation, understated earrings are imperative to your collection. The DiAi threader, Charm Earrings are a sleek addition to any look that you may choose to go for. The charms and delicate chain add just the right amount of sparkle, perfect for any occasion. Their versatility also always for some fun & chic ways to style in different ways!



If you don’t already own classic jewellery pieces, buy diamond jewellery that is affordable and stylish. Daily use jewellery always comes in handy and style smart by taking rings, necklaces, bracelets and earrings from day-to-night!

Trousseau Shopping beyond the Wedding!


With the Big Day coming around the corner, we often get so occupied with over-the-top outfits, big jewellery pieces and a long list of branded bags. We’re giving trousseau shopping a whole new meaning, with smart, practical and value-added shopping!

Plan, organize and shop!

  1. Make a list of all the categories you need to shop for- Clothes, Jewellery, Bags, Travel Kits, Lingerie, Shoes, Makeup and etc.
  2. Sub-categorize all of the above into- Daily/work wear, party wear, Indian wear, travel, workout essentials etc.
  3. Make a BUDGET! (excluding your wedding day outfits and jewellery)
  • This is the most important, so that you stay on track and don’t over/under spend.

With this budget for your trousseau, you now have to prioritize keeping in mind your life after the big day!

Here are a few examples on how you can organize & shop:

Makeup and Skincare

Stocking up on all the right makeup and skincare is essential, but remember not to overstock, it has an expiry date! Buy a wide range of nail paints and lip shades, suitable for work and daily wear, party wear and casual wear. With your makeup base, opt for single bottles of your foundation, concealers and compacts. Don’t forget all your skin food! With all the post marriage adjustments, your skin may take some time to adapt to this new lifestyle. Take it easy by selecting your regulars and non-irritating skin care products- preferably organic!


Engagement and wedding rings for women are obviously the most important! Once that and your bigger diamond and gold jewellery is out of the way, think about what you’ll wear post the wedding day. Now that you’re entering a new and more ‘adult’ phase, set aside your costume jewellery and give yourself an elegant update, with some fine jewellery! Opt for affordable diamond jewellery that is stylish, versatile yet classic. Daily use gold earrings, rings, bracelets and necklaces are a definite must-have! For bigger events, you can layer your minimal jewellery with a statement piece and give it a fresh look.

We would suggest, buy diamond jewellery that is ethical, economical and elegant so that you are guilt-free and can stock up with stylish trends every year!



A few branded bags are classics and go a long way. However, add a range of fun, playful and useful phone-sized clutches to your collection too. It’s great for the on-the-go wife! A jute and non-leather bag is also a very thoughtful yet stylish addition to your wardrobe for casual day-outs.



Heels, platforms, flats, sneakers, flip-flops etc. you surely need them all! You can do with a few inexpensive shoes that are cute and comfy too, so that you don’t overspend and can get an update every season! Don’t forget to keep a pair or two of boots, just in case you are headed for a chilly vacation.

Always remember to make a practical purchase by visualizing when, where and how many times you are going to use your shopping.
Nevertheless, if there’s something you really love, go for it!
Trousseau shopping is probably the only time you will never be told off to shop! 😀



Over the past few decades, our close knit, self-involved culture has added new social pressure to our lives. Social networks have been programmed in a way to make us want to buy more, do more and show more than ever. In our constant pursuit to compensate, our closets become overflowing and our spirits weighed down.

The answer to this modern day dilemma is minimalism-

At its core, ”Minimalism is the intentional promotion of the things we most value and the removal of everything that distracts us from it.”

It allows you to be in control of your life and shake off many of the consumerist burdens we put on ourselves. Our space, serenity and focus are improved when we consume less. Our schedules become lighter and less hectic, time with family no longer involves multi-tasking, and our homes become a cozy haven — our sacred space where we can get inspired and create.

Here are some ways by which you can use this practice to improve the quality of our life:

A digital detox:

Keep a check on your screen time as we tend to waste essential productive time mindlessly scrolling, which may also affect our mental health. You can also choose to delete unused apps, and add them to your wish-list on App stores so you can go back to them if needed.



Old cosmetics:

While it may feel like they last forever, they don’t. Expired products can be toxic and irritating to the skin and need to be disposed off.



Old tech:

While it may be sentimental to keep your OG iPod, it might be good to discard old pieces of technology as they constantly get updated and become more efficient with newer models.


Clothes and shoes:

Favourites that are totally worn down. It’s never a good feeling to continue wearing your cherished items if they are looking shabby and make you feel unkempt.



Minimalist jewelry:

Buy jewelry that is elegant and in line with the modern woman as it-

  • Works with any outfit combination- casual or formal,
  • Softly frames features and makes them look more delicate
  • Can be worn everyday or multiple times a week,
  • Can be stacked without worrying about being over-the-top
  • Finally, easy to take on-the-go and feels super light and fresh when worn.



Visit our online store, to view a wide range of minimal and everyday jewelry designs, to add to your jewelry collection!


‘Simplicity is the Ultimate Sophistication’ -Leonardo da Vinci 

New Year, New Resolution


Every New Year comes with a new resolution, a new take on old practices, a new good deed and sometimes a great switch too!

What’s yours going to be this year?

In line with our motto, Ethical, Elegant and Economical, we are going to go through why Ethical practices and shopping should be your number one priority for the coming year!

Conscious Living

Ethical, eco-friendly and sustainable shopping is the upcoming trend this year. Opt for brands which use raw materials that do not destroy nature or practice unethical issues, such as child labour, animal testing or illegal trade. Many assume that sustainable products aren’t trendy, stylish or even classics. However, there are now multiple brands globally and in India who have started sustainably stylish fashion.

Make-up & skin-care: Your skin is one of the most crucial and sensitive parts of the body. Leaving on or applying harmful chemicals and substances on the skin have unimaginable long-term consequences. We highly recommend switching to clean, organic make-up and skin care this year, for skin that glows from within!

Jewellery: This year aim to purchase jewellery that is an investment which doesn’t just sit in your locker or burn a hole in your pocket and yet doesn’t harm Mother Earth. Sustainable lab-grown diamonds were the talk of the town last year and are definitely going to be trending in all sorts of fine jewellery and engagement rings this year. They’re great because they take on the issue of Blood Diamonds and drastically prevent concerns such as child labour and illegal trade. Whilst being physically, optically and chemically the same as mined diamonds, they also come at half the price of your regular fine jewellery.

Well, now you’ll know which jewellery to be looking for this year!

Clothes: Decades ago, before chemical dyes were even invented; all fabrics were dyed naturally, on organic fabrics that last a lifetime and never fade. This trend peeped into 2018 and we are sure it will be all the rage this coming year! There are brands which design extremely stylish sustainable fashion and zero-waste outfits and it’s such a catch! Head over to your nearest store or simply check out their online stores to be on top of your fashion game this year!

Wishing you all a #SustainablyStylish New Year!

Nikita Madhani’s Must-Have Mantras


Nikita Madhani is a fashion blogger, with great style and passion for new trends. She has a large following of young girls and women who are inspired by her evolving sense of fashion and style.

We did a short interview with her of her Must-Have Mantras!

  • What is that one piece of jewellery which you do not leave your house without?

My Cartier bracelets. They are my life.


  • A must-have in your suitcase, while travelling?

A lot of things actually but since we are talking about jewellery and accessories here, a bracelet and a couple of rings.


  • Do you believe accessorizing is an essential part of styling in your form of work?

Yes accessorizing is way too important in putting together an outfit as it can instantly uplift the look and at times statement accessories can also change the tone of your look.


  • One advice to young girls, when they are buying their ‘everyday jewellery’.

A few investment pieces go a long way.

  • What goes through your mind, when collaborating with a jewellery or fashion brand?

How well does the brand and its designs connect with me, my style and my personality.


  • A beauty regime, you swear-by?

Sunscreen, before stepping out and a night care serum and yes drinking lots of water.


  • Which type of jewellery pieces do you swear-by? (Stud earrings, statement rings, etc.)

Statement rings

  • Two of your favourite pieces from our collection? (You can see all our designs on our website:

Those delicate and dainty necklaces, which can be layered so effortlessly and also the pair of earrings that I am wearing.


  • Any comments about our brand or designs?

That they are proudly made in India and their Ethical and Eco-friendly approach in jewellery  making . Being thoughtful towards our planet is the need of the hour.

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