Hallmarked Solid Gold
10kt or 18kt, all DiAi jewellery is made with solid gold. Won’t rub off, won’t irritate your skin or change appearance over time. Comes with a certified laser engraving too!

Internationally certified, high-quality Lab-grown Diamonds
Our diamonds are grown sustainably in a laboratory, just like mined diamonds! They are indeed sure to sparkle forever.

Lifetime Warranty
All DiAi jewellery comes with a no-questions asked lifetime warranty. Re-polishing, rhodium, cleaning and repair, all at no cost! Forever!

Eco-friendly Packaging
Sustainable from growth to delivery. All DiAi pieces come in recycled paper packaging. You can even give back, by growing a flower from it!

Handmade, contemporary designs
Each design is made for the modern woman, from a modern woman, just like you! All intricate designs, so you can feel good about the jewellery that becomes a part of you!

Made in India
Proudly made in India, catered to represent the values of our brand and its customers.